2014 Unit of Study

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Managing Global Operations
UoS Code MIBS6004
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1 and Semester 2
Prerequisites MIBS6001and MIBS6002
Corequisites MIBS6003
Prohibitions IBUS6003, IBUS6002, IBUS6001
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information This unit is available only to students enrolled in the Master of International Business and MIB combined degrees.
Lectures 1 x 3 hr lecture/seminar per week
Assessment Group learning modules (30%) and individual learning modules (70%)
Description While Global Strategy (MIBS6003) lays out the concepts and theory relevant to a firms' entry into a new market, this unit focuses on how to successfully implement and manage foreign market operations. The key question addressed is how to manage operations of foreign subsidiaries successfully and sustainably. The unit firstly discusses the process of setting up global operations and managing the social and economic impact of global operations on host countries. It then focuses on issues related to managing the network of foreign subsidiaries, including managing international acquisitions and strategic alliances, and the flow of personnel, innovation, and knowledge within this network. To complement the conceptual discussions, students are involved in a global strategy simulation game in which they manage a simulated multinational company and its subsidiary network, as well as develop a plan to revamp existing global operations.