2014 Unit of Study

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Data Mining and Data Analysis
UoS Code QBUS3820
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 2
Prerequisites ECMT2110 or QBUS2810
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information
Lectures 1 x 2hr lecture and 1 x 1hr tutorial per week
Assessment group project (20%), assignments (15%), mid-semester exam (20%), and final exam (45%)
Description The advances in information technology have made available very rich information data sets, often generated automatically as a by-product of the main institutional activity of a firm or business unit. Data Mining deals with inferring and validating patterns, structures and relationships in data, as a tool to support decisions in the business environment. The course offers an insight into the main statistical methodologies for the visualisation and the analysis of business and market data, providing the information requirements for specific tasks such as credit scoring, prediction and classification, market segmentation and product positioning. Emphasis will be given to empirical applications using modern software tools.