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Unit of Study

Critical Analysis and Thought Leadership
UoS Code SMBA6005
Credit points 6
Offered Intensive May and MBA Session 2
Prerequisites None
Corequisites SMBA6001
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information
Lectures 4 hr lectures/workshops and/or full-day participatory lectures/workshops
Assessment philosophy exam (35%), opinion piece (35%), video (30%)
Description A hallmark of great management is the ability to analyse a situation, make a solid case for a decision and then communicate it persuasively. Those three skills are crucial for effective thought leadership and management. In this unit of study, you will improve your understanding of logical reasoning and rhetoric by developing a better understanding of the use of evidence, by identifying the common fallacies that appear in public and private discussions and debate, and how to argue by analogy. You will also develop your critical communication skills, by learning how to craft vibrant and clear communications that will resonate with your target audiences.