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Unit of Study

Operations Management
UoS Code SMBA6110
Credit points 6
Offered Intensive June
Prerequisites None
Corequisites SMBA6001
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information
Lectures 4 hr lecture/workshop and/or full-day participatory lectures/workshops over semester
Assessment group assignment (20%), individual assignment (35%), class participation (15%), exam (30%)
Description Any business or organisation is concerned with delivering value to its customers or clients, and the \\\'operations\\\' of a company are the direct processes that a company uses to create value. Operations Management is the task of managing these processes. There is tremendous variety in operations, whether this is handling phone calls at a call centre, manufacturing cardboard from recycled paper, running room service in a hotel or dealing with passengers in an airline. This unit is about the fundamentals of operations management, covering both service industries and manufacturing. The aim is to provide a set of frameworks and concepts that can be applied in any company. All managers, even if they do not work in an operations function, will gain from understanding operations terminology, being able to contribute to key operations debates, and being able to see the operations of the company in a strategic context.