2014 Unit of Study

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Industrial Relations Policy
UoS Code WORK2203
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 2
Prerequisites 24 credit points of junior units of study including (WORK1003 or WORK1002)
Prohibitions WORK2003
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information This is the compulsory unit of study for the Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management major.
Lectures 1x 2 hour lecture and 1x 1hr tutorial hour per week
Assessment short essay (20%), major essay (40%), quiz (30%), and class participation (10%)
Description The aim of this unit of study is to provide an understanding of the institutions and processes engaged in the regulation of work and labour markets. At times of intense change and debate such as today, it becomes all the more important to develop understandings of industrial relations policy which are intellectually rigorous; that is, which are evidence-based, theoretically-explicit and historically-informed. This unit is framed by these considerations. Particular topics may include: the development of policy; the nature of regulation; state and federal government policies; arguments for change; the influence of lobby groups; employer and union strategy; work-family debates and policies; the working of tribunals and courts; dispute settling procedures; the development of wage determination; the outcomes and implications of policy change.