2014 Unit of Study

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Organisational Sustainability
UoS Code WORK6033
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1 and Semester 2b - 2nd half
Prerequisites None
Prohibitions CLAW6028, ECOF6110
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information Core unit for the MHRM&IR
Lectures Semester 1: 1 x 3hr seminar/tutorial per week, Semester 2: Intensive - 6 days 10-5pm Sundays from Week 7
Assessment class tests (30%), poster (30%), and exam (40%)
Description Organisational sustainability is a critical part of contemporary managerial practice, focusing on organisations' economical, social and environmental impact. This unit critically evaluates the intentions, practices and outcomes of organisational sustainability initiatives. By applying relevant theoretical frameworks, students are encouraged to enhance their understanding of the role and responsibilities of management, the impact of organisations on employees, and the wider societal and environmental implications of contemporary organisational trends. With an emphasis on the human dimensions of organisational actions, this unit builds on foundational units of study in Management, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.