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Timing of assessment

Re-scheduling mid-term examinations


This policy has been introduced to ensure that students provide documentary evidence when there is a conflict with any mid-term examinations which are scheduled outside of normal class time.

University Policy

The relevant Academic Board Resolution is titled Assessment and Examination of Coursework, effective 9 December 2004 and is available to view online .

Steps to Follow

  1. If a unit of study that you are enrolled in schedules an assessment outside of your official (i.e. timetabled) class meeting time and it results in a clash with another unit that you are enrolled in, you are able to request that an alternative arrangement be offered.
  2. To request an alternative arrangement for the assessment, you must provide the relevant Unit of Study Coordinator with proof of a timetable clash. This proof can be in the form of your University timetable or evidence that you are enrolled in a particular tutorial group prior to the assessment time being advised.
  3. For any assessment scheduled during your official class meeting time, you are not allowed to reschedule, except as Special Consideration criteria apply.