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Cross-institutional study (outbound)


Cross-institutional study (outbound) is the process whereby students completing a course at the University of Sydney Business School undertake units of study at another institution.

Approval can only be granted

  • If the unit of study is not available at the required time at the University of Sydney.
  • Due to serious illness, misadventure or extenuating circumstances.
  • Elite Athlete training commitments.


All applicants requesting cross-institutional study must have a current unit of study selection with the University of Sydney Business School and demonstrate that the unit is part of an equivalent level program (e.g. Undergraduate Program or Masters Degree).


You must be in a Bachelors program and must have completed at least 48 credit points (8 units of study) upon application.


You must be in a Masters program and have completed at least 24 credit points (4 units of study).

All students

  • Permission to undertake cross-institutional study will not be given if you have failed the equivalent unit of study at the University of Sydney.
  • All applicants are required to submit supporting documentation in order to demonstrate their reasons for their cross-institutional request.
  • Applications cannot be considered without the detailed unit of study outline and supporting documentation. Unit descriptions copied from the website of the relevant institution or Handbook is not sufficient for a detailed assessment and not accepted.

A unit of study outline must contain the following information to be assessed by the Business School:

  • Contact hours
  • Assessment methods
  • Topics covered
  • Learning outcomes
  • Lecture & Tutorial programme
  • Recommended text and reference books
  • Credit point value of unit at external institution

Information about your degree can be found in the University's Handbooks . If you commenced your studies prior to this year, you should consult the archives link on the left of the handbooks page. Students are obliged to follow the rules & resolutions of the year they commenced their degree.

Please note the information regarding your responsibilities and obligations in relation to your studies.

How to apply

  1. Complete the 'Cross- institutional' application form
  2. Applications can only be processed upon receipt of all relevant documentation (in all cases detailed unit of study outline and supporting documentation is required)
  3. A maximum of 10 working days from the time all documentation has been provided is required to process and finalise applications.

Credit transfer upon completion

Upon successful completion of the unit of study the student should submit, to Staff and Student Services the official academic transcript of results from the host institution, so that credit can be added to the student's academic record. A result notice is not acceptable. Important note: Credit for units completed cross-institutionally will appear under the heading 'Credit from other studies' and no grade will be recorded.