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Students with disabilities


The University of Sydney is obliged under the Disability Discrimination Act (1992 Cth), Disability Standards for Education 2005 and AVCC Guidelines 2006 to prevent discrimination of any form against a student on the basis of their disability. The Act provides that reasonable accommodation should be made within the learning environment for students with disabilities, to ensure equal opportunity and access to education. The University meets its obligations to students and staff with disabilities through the strategies and measures set out in the Disability Action Plan, and the triennial Equity Plan.

The Disability Action Plan outlines the steps that the University has taken, and continues to take, to promote access and equity for students with disabilities.These include:

  • Improving the physical accessibility of buildings and pathways around the campus;
  • Promoting disability awareness amongst teaching staff and student administrative staff;
  • Assisting students with disabilities by means of appropriate current technology;
  • Implementing effective procedures for students with disabilities to request assistance and reasonable adjustments and accommodations; and
  • Providing appropriate support to prospective students with disabilities, in the application and enrolment processes.

The Disability support is responsible for coordinating support for students with disabilities. From July 2007, all students registered as having a disability will receive a personalised academic plan, which details all the reasonable adjustments required to accommodate the student's needs.

Specific services that are available through the Disability Services Office include:

  • Note taking scheme
  • Time-table adjustments
  • Accessible formats
  • Equipment loans
  • Access to Assistive Technology
  • Resting rooms
  • Library services
  • Referrals
  • Brochure for prospective and current students with disabilities, called "Pathways to success: Information for students with disabilities at the University of Sydney" is available in hard copy (in both standard and enlarged text);
  • Assitive technology lab- Fisher Library; and
  • Liaison with teaching staff, through the Disability Services Office and Faculty-based Student Disability Liaison Officers (SDLOs)

Disability support provides a full explanation of the services and resources available to students with a range of disabilities.

Students requiring special conditions for exams or assessments

Steps to follow

  1. Student contacts Disability Services Office for assessment.
  2. Students identified as having a disability receive a personal academic plan, which details any reasonable adjustments required. Students should contact Disability Services Office if their situation changes during the semester.
  3. These academic plans are received by the Policy Officer in the Business School, and are distributed to the relevant Unit of Study coordinators and the Timetabling Manager.
  4. For exams, the Timetabling Manager or the Exams Office ensures that the appropriate arrangements are made for exam rooms, in accordance with the academic plan.
  5. For essays or other assessment tasks, the student attaches a copy of their academic plan when submitting the task.
  6. Students who do not feel that the requirements of the academic plan have been met have recourse to the Academic Appeals Policy.