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International Exchange Program - gaining Business School endorsement

Please note that this guide discusses rules and steps that are required to receive Business School endorsement for the International Exchange Program and reflects mainly on how to plan your degree so as to be eligible for Business School endorsement. Students wishing to participate in exchange should refer to the Study abroad and exchange website for information regarding the application process as a whole.


The International Exchange Program is a program that provides students the opportunity to spend 1 or 2 semesters studying overseas with an approved partner university and then have the credit for that study added to their University of Sydney degree. Students pay their coursework fees locally here in Sydney but need to otherwise provide for flights, living costs and learning materials (i.e. textbooks etc).

Studies undertaken are recognised on your transcript as exchange credit (i.e. unspecified credit) and you are issued with a transcript from your host institution that details the specifics of the studies you have undertaken and a statement of participation from the University of Sydney Business School. Important! Please note that the study undertaken on exchange does not count towards any of your degree core, compulsory and major requirements. Your exchange studies will be credited simply as "International Exchange Program" on your University of Sydney transcript.

Nomination and acceptance to the program requires several stages of approval from the Business School, the University of Sydney International Office and ultimately from the partner institution that you are nominated to and takes about a year. Therefore careful planning is required. For example, students wishing to undertake exchange in semester 1, 2012 should commence the process in semester 1, 2011.


  • Applicants must have sufficient general elective credit to cover the period of exchange applied for (24 credit points per semester).
  • An applicants' degree must be in good order (i.e. progression plan, majors etc must be consistent with the Resolutions of the student's degree).
  • Students must undertake the equivalent of 24 credit points per semester whilst studying abroad on exchange.

Steps to Follow

  1. Plan the progression of your degree so that you complete as many core and compulsory units (including your major) within the first 3 semesters of your study. If you need assistance with this you should consult the Business School Exchange Coordinator as early as possible in your studies to avoid conflicts with the eligibility rules.
  2. Attend a minimum of two International Office information sessions (one general session and one how to apply session). Please see the Study abroad and exchange website for details.
  3. Submit your Business School endorsement form to the Staff and Student Services office at least two weeks prior to the closing date for your exchange application.
  4. Meet all enrolment conditions on your Business School endorsement form.

Glossary of terms

Business School Endorsement. As part of your exchange application you will need to obtain Business School approval to participate in the exchange program from the Business School exchange coordinator. The Business School endorsement form is obtained as part of the general exchange application kit which is distributed at the International Office "How to Apply" information sessions.

General elective credit. General elective credit is credit points in your degree which does not count towards any core, compulsory or major study. This is not to be confused with senior elective credit in your chosen major. General elective credit is literally credit that counts towards the credit point total in your degree but nothing else.