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International Study Abroad Program

Students wishing to undertake a semester of study abroad at an institution that is not a University of Sydney exchange partner may apply to study abroad independently.

As we have no formal exchange agreements with these institutions, students are required to organise all aspects of their study abroad independently. This includes admission, enrolment and all non-academic requirements such as visas, accommodation and all other travel, living and academic expenses.

Eligibility requirements for study abroad as a free mover

  1. Student must be enrolled in one of the following degrees administered by the Business School:
    1. Bachelors degree
    2. Masters degree
  2. Student must have an academic average of 60% in the degree within which they are applying to study abroad, including transfers and upgrades.
  3. Student must have sufficient general elective credit in their degree to undertake study abroad. Note that you may not undertake either core/foundation, compulsory or major/specialisation studies whilst abroad.
  4. Students degree must be in good order and consistent with the progression of their enrolled award course.
  5. Study Abroad destination may not be a university or institution with which the University of Sydney has an existing exchange agreement.
  6. Students must agree to abide by the University of Sydney, Student Code of Conduct whilst studying abroad as a representative of the University of Sydney Business School.

Steps to take

  1. Download and complete an Independent Study Abroad application and submit it to the with copies of syllabus attached for the units you wish to undertake. Note this type of application can only be submitted via email.
  2. The outcome of your application will be returned via email also, including a notice of academic approval if your application is successful.
  3. When you have completed your study abroad semester you must make a credit application via Sydney Student and upload your transcript and the Business Schools notice of academic approval to be eligible for credit.

Important information

Please note that pre-approval to undertake study abroad is mandatory. The Business School will not accept transcripts for consideration from students who undertook study without prior approval or from students who undertook study at any institution other than that which has been explicitly approved as part of a study abroad application.

Please note that all study credited from a semester of Study Abroad will be credited as generic, unspecified Study Abroad credit irrespective of the field of study and will not count towards any compulsory requirement in your degree.

An example of how this would appear on your transcript is as follows:

BUSS9324 Study Abroad

Guide to academic approval for study abroad applicants

Academic approval is generally awarded on the basis of three factors:

  1. Appropriate level of study: Subjects credited to your University of Sydney Business School degree must be undertaken at an institution that awards an equivalent degree i.e. a Bachelors or Masters program. All institutions are assessed using the Australian Government's CEP Online (country education profiles) and the institution you have chosen must be recognised in this system as providing appropriate level of studies.
  2. Appropriate area of study: Subjects credited to your University of Sydney Business School degree must come from an appropriate area of study. For example, in the U.S.A. many universities will grant credit for participation in sports; however the Business School here in Sydney does not, so you could not expect credit for this type of study. Some other examples include: Yoga, scuba diving, dance and cooking. The University of Sydney Business School is the sole arbiter of the appropriateness of any studies undertaken that will be credited to your degree with us,
  3. Credit point equivalence: Subjects will generally be weighted in terms of an equivalent maximum, full-time credit load per year. For example, a full-time credit load at the University of Sydney is between 36 and 48 credit points/year whereas throughout most of Europe the equivalent is between 42 and 60 ECTS (credit points)/year. Your academic approvals would be weighted on the basis of the maximum full-time study load (i.e. 48 USYD = 60 ECTS).