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Degree planning and progression checks

Information to assist students in planning their unit of study selections is available in the Business School Handbook or from the SIO at any time. Students can also obtain a formal progression check by submitting a completed Degree planner to the Staff and Student Services.

You can use this form if:

  1. You are a current student in a Business School degree or award course; and You have completed at least half of your award course.
  2. You have completed at least half of your award course.

You will need:

  • To know what major you intend to complete;
  • To list all the units of study you have already completed, including core units; and
  • To draft a plan for your enrolment for the remainder of your award course.

The SIO will review your plan and email you with comments and an amended plan (if required). You may complete one progression check each year.

Please check the Business School Handbook before submitting your degree planner. If you commenced your studies prior to the current year, you should consult the Handbooks archives link on the left of the handbooks page for the handbook of the year you commenced your studies. Students are generally obliged to follow the rules and resolutions of the year they commenced their degree.

Please note your responsibilities in relation to your studies