Special consideration / Special Arrangements


In some situations a student may be unable to attempt or require additional time to attempt an assessment task. Requests for arrangements other than those specified in unit of study outlines will only be considered in three circumstances.

  • Serious illness or misadventure (Special Consideration)
  • Students who bear a primary carer responsibility toward another person at the time of the assessment (Special Consideration)
  • Cultural, religious, national defence, legal or sporting commitments (Special Arrangements)
  • Ongoing illness or disability (Personal Learning Plan) (Disability Services ).

Advice about applying for Special Consideration

You should read this information before submitting an application for special consideration

Special Consideration

  • University policy
    Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedures and related documents
    Special Consideration is available to well-prepared students who experience a serious illness or misadventure which prevents them from attempting or completing a particular piece of assessment. Special Consideration may not be appropriate for repeated short term illness which may indicate that a student is at risk and is better managed through other processes within the University or for students experiencing ongoing illness or misadventure or recuperation from illness or bereavement that will seriously interfere with their capacity to study for a long period of time. Students in these situations are advised to contact the Student Information Office or the Disability Services Office about other options such as academic assistance, counselling, taking course leave or setting up a Personal Academic Plan.
  • Students who bear a primary carer responsibility toward another person at the time of the assessment may apply for Special Consideration based upon illness, injury or misadventure on the part of the person for whom they bear the responsibility, and which affects their ability to prepare for or perform the assessment in the same manner as if the illness, injury or misadventure was their own.
  • Business School policy
    All applications for Special Consideration in the Business School must be submitted using the online Special Consideration Form.
  • Informal or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Contact the SIO for advice if you are having difficulty obtaining supporting documentation and this is likely to cause a delay in applying.
  • Students should not assume that applications for special consideration will be approved, or wait for the result of their applications before submitting work. Students should attend exams if at all possible, and submit all essays and assignments as soon as practicable. If a student does not attend an examination and their application for special consideration is not approved, they will receive a mark of zero for the assessment and, for compulsory tasks, an absent fail grade for the unit of study.
  • Applications are assessed by the Business School Special Consideration Panel. Special Consideration requests will only be approved if:
    1. A student submits a completed Special Consideration Application Form, including supporting documents in the form of a Professional Practitioner's Certificate (PPC) or evidence of misadventure, to the SIO within five working days of the assessment date; AND
    2. There is sufficient well attested evidence of serious illness or misadventure. Due to privacy, the Business School is not able to contact doctors to seek further or better information. Students must complete the application in as much detail as possible so that the Panel has the maximum amount of information possible to allow it to make decisions. In line with the University Policy, information not supplied by the student with the original application will not be taken into consideration, unless the additional information is noted in the original application but was not available at the time the application was submitted.
    3. The Special Consideration Panel will assess the application balancing the nature and type of the illness or misadventure, the timing and duration of the illness or misadventure with the nature, type and timing of the assessment and other relevant factors.

Students may appeal the decision of the Special Consideration Panel by completing another online Special Consideration Form and choosing the appeal option in accordance with the Business Schools' Appeals process, this should be submitted within 15 working days of the decision.

The rules

If an application for Special Consideration is approved, the following form of consideration will be granted:

Assessment Action taken by student Consideration that will be granted by Panel


Will submit after due date/time

Extension of due date OR, for longer illnesses, alternative assessment

Final exam

Did not attend/was ill on the day of the exam

Further test*

Further test

Did not attend/was ill on the day of the exam

Second further test

Second further test

Did not attend - this is third exam that the student has missed

EITHER: Grade of Absent Fail (for repeated short-term illnesses) OR grade of Discontinue (Not to count as Fail) for ongoing serious illness or misadventure

Class test / mid semester test

Did not attend/was ill on the day of the exam

Further test*

Optional assignment or test

Did not attend/was ill on the day of the exam



Did not attend/was ill on the day of the exam

Reweight other tutorials**

Tutorial written work

Not submitted

Reweight other tutorials**

Tutorial quizzes or small tests

Did not attend/was ill on the day of the exam

One participant missing during presentation

Reweight to other weekly tests/quizzes**

Impact of illness/misadventure on group to be noted during marking

Group presentation

One participant sick during preparation and presentatio

Group - As above. Ill student - alternate individual assessment to be offered

Written group assignment

One participant sick during preparation

Impact of illness/misadventure on group to be noted during marking

Group assignment / presentation

One participant sick during preparation and presentation

Group - As above. Ill student - alternate individual assessment to be offered.

Holistic seminar participation study

(Long term project where required participate during other presentations or classes dealing with case study)

Where participation one off

Where regular

Treat as for missed assignment

Treat as for missed tutorial

All other assessment not listed

Alternative assessment or other action as determined by Panel

* Further tests may be held during semester or in a three week period following the end of the standard examination period. Students who apply for special consideration should plan travel and other engagements accordingly, as holidays are not accepted as a reason for missing a further test.

** If more than a third (1/3rd) of tutorial tasks are missed, an alternative assessment task may be set.

Steps to follow

  1. The student completes the online Special Consideration Form, prints and signs the pdf application/confirmation form which will  be received by the student via email.  In case of illness, the Professional Practitioner Certificate (PPC) must be completed by a medical practitioner. Original documentation in support of the application is required. The only exceptions are for death certificates and police reports, where a statutory declaration may be appropriate.
  2. The student lodges the completed and signed application/confirmation form for Business School Units of Study with the SIO. This must be done within five working days of the assessment task. Any requests for a unit of study being completed through another faculty must be submitted at that faculty's office.
  3. The SIO checks the application to ensure that a student's documentation is adequate and if so, will give a receipt to the student confirming lodgement of the application. Incomplete applications will be accepted if a student is awaiting supporting documentation, but students will be emailed to request this documentation within a specified time frame. Incomplete applications will not proceed to Step 4 until all supporting documentation has been provided and will be cancelled if the documents have not been received 6 days from the application date.
  4. The SIO forwards the student's application to the Special Consideration Panel.
  5. The Panel assess the evidence provided in the application and decides if special consideration is to be granted.
  6. The student will be advised of the Panel's decision by email within ten working days of submission of a complete application.
  7. The student takes any action specified in the email (for example, attending a replacement assessment). If a student does not wish to sit a replacement assessment, they may withdraw their application for special consideration at any time until the marks for the original exam have been released by contacting the SIO.