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Weighted Average Mark (WAM) and GPA

The Business School uses a measure called the Weighted Average Mark (WAM) to reflect a student's average mark across their award course and an Annual Average Mark (AAM) to reflect a student's average mark in a single calendar year. The School does not issue students with a Grade Point Average (GPA).

Students can calculate their WAM or AAM as follows:

  1. Multiply the mark (including Fails) by the credit point value for each unit of study = A
  2. Total all A values = B
  3. Total all credit points attempted = C
  4. Divide B by C

Any student who completes at least 1 EFTSL (48 credit points) with an AAM of 85 or above in a single calendar year is cited on the Dean's List of Excellence in Academic Performance. The Dean's List is published in the Sydney Morning Herald as part of the University's Honour Roll on the last working day in January each year.