Program Directors and Discipline Coordinators

The Business School has recognised the value in having a designated Program Director for each postgraduate coursework programs. A program is defined as an articulated set of courses typically comprising all or a subset of a Graduate Certificate, a Graduate Diploma, a Masters degree/combined Masters degree. Each Program Director has both long-term and day-to-day stewardship of their program. They are responsible for the provision of academic and strategic leadership for their program, as well as for providing program-wide advice and support to students in that program.

There is an important distinction made between a Program Director and a Discipline Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator representing each Discipline (or Centre) in the Business School. A Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator has responsibility for the Discipline's contribution to postgraduate programs across all programs. A Program Director is much more focussed on, and has responsibility for, an entire program regardless of discipline content.

Students seeking broad advice regarding the structure and content of their particular program should consult the relevant Program Director listed below. For advice on enrolment, fees and related administrative matters, students should first consult a student adviser in the Business School's Students Information Office.

Program Directors

Assoc Prof Geoff Frost

Master of Professional Accounting; MPAcc/MCom
(jointly with MCom PD)

Assoc Prof Pennie Frow

Master of Marketing

Vikas Kumar

Master of International Business; MIB combined degrees
(jointly with other relevant PDs)

Prof David Hensher

Master of Logistics Management; Master of Transport Management; MLM and MTM combined degrees
(jointly with other relevant PDs)

Dr Massimo Guarbio

Grad Cert in Innovation and Enterprise

Prof John Shields
(Acting Program Director)

MCom; MCom combined degrees
(jointly with other relevant PDs)

Kristine Dery

Master of Management

Angela Knox

Program Director Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Postgraduate Discipline Coordinators

Discipline Subject Area Coordinator


CPA/ICAA Accreditation

Rodney Coyte
Ron Day

Business Analytics

Quantitative Business Analysis
Business Statistics

Richard Gerlach

Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems
Project Management

Mark Borman

Business Law

Business Law

Antony Ting



Pablo Guillen Alvarez


Quantiative Finance

David Johnstone

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Transport Management
Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management

Geoffrey Clifton

International Business

International Business

Vikas Kumar

Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Massimo Guarbio



Paul Henry

Work and Organisational Studies

Organisational Analysis and Strategy
Employment Relations and HRM
Management and Organisations
Organisational Coaching

Angela Knox