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Project Management (Master of Commerce)


The Project Management specialisation introduces students to the ten core knowledge areas of the international institute of project management. The electives (that may be taken from a number of specified disciplines) aim to develop understanding and skills to equip students to take on multi-national projects that cross country and cultural boundaries, as well as develop an in-depth understanding of a specific domain area in which projects are of increasing importance. The Project Management specialisation includes Project Management in Practice unit, in which students assess the effectiveness of projects by analysing a variety of real cases.

Why study this specialisation?

Requirements for the specialisation

The following information  is for students who commenced study or transferred into the Master of Commerce from 2013 or students who commenced study in 2011 and 2012 and wish to follow these requirements for a specialisation. All  other students should refer to the information set out below under Information  for pre-2013 continuing students.

To be awarded a specialisation in Project Management, students complete five units of study (30 credit points), comprising:

(i) one foundational unit of study (six credit points), as follows:

(ii) one compulsory unit of study (six credit points), as follows: 

(iii) three elective units of study (18 credit points) selected from the following units:

 * From 2014, this unit will no longer be offered.

Note: Non-foundational (advanced) units of study can be used to count to one specialisation only. For example, QBUS6320 cannot be used to count towards both a Project Management and Quantitative Business Analysis specialisation.

Information for pre-2013 continuing students

Students who commenced study in the Master of Commerce in 2011 or 2012 may choose to complete their specialisation according to the information set out above or can choose to complete according to the information set out in the following downloadable PDF which lists the 2011 and 2012 structures. Students should also refer to the handbook of the year they commenced study for exact details of their specialisation requirements.

Students who commenced their degree before 2011 (in FH014 Master of  Commerce) did not have the option of completing a major in Project Management  and should follow the requirements for the available majors as set out in the handbook of the year they commenced study.

Availability of this specialisation

This version of this specialisation is available under the following degrees:

  • Master of Commerce (12 unit program)
  • Master of Commerce (16 unit program)
  • Master of Commerce and Master of Logistics Management
  • Master of International Business and Master of Commerce

Students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Commerce or the Graduate Certificate in Commerce may choose units from this specialisation subject area as electives in their course.