Upgrade for postgraduate award courses


Postgraduate students can apply to upgrade from their current award course to a higher level within an embedded sequence if they satisfy the requirements of the Business School. An example is when a student wishes to upgrade their award course from a Graduate Certificate in Commerce to a Graduate Diploma or Masters of Commerce.

Steps to follow

  1. The student obtains a Postgraduate Upgrade Application form from the Business School website.
  2. The student completes the form and lodges it with the SIO by the due date listed on the form. Late applications will not be processed. Please note that the due date may be before the release of results.
  3. Students must ensure that they enrol/pre-enrol for the following semester on MyUni. Upgrade applications can only be processed if the student is already enrolled for the upcoming semester.
  4. The SIO assesses the application after the release of results for the current semester and forwards an email indicating approval or rejection to the student.
  5. The Student Centre sends successful applicants an updated Confirmation of Enrolment. The International Student Office will also send international students a new e-CoE.

The rules

  1. Upgrades can only be assessed once a student has attempted at least four units of study and has achieved a minimum Credit (65%) average. If a student has completed more than four units of study, their average will be calculated across all units completed. Fail grades are included when calculating the average.
  2. Students who have achieved a Credit average (65+) overall are not guaranteed a place in the higher level program. Upgrades are competitive and subject to places available.
  3. Summer School units will only be considered for Semester 2 upgrades. Similarly, Winter School units will only be considered for Semester 1 the following year.
  4. Students should note that the fees they are liable for may change as a result of an upgrade. International Students should consult the International Student Office to determine the impact of this on tuition fees.
  5. Students need to note that English language requirements differ across award courses.
  6. Forms submitted after the closing date will not be processed until the end of the next semester and all units of study completed at this time will be included in the assessment.
  7. Upgrades may only take place within an embedded sequence. It is not possible to upgrade and transfer at once (for example from the Graduate Diploma in Economics to the Masters of Commerce)

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Upgrading

What do I need to successfully upgrade to a Masters degree?

Once a student has attempted a minimum of four units of study within a course, they are eligible to apply to Upgrade to a higher level course within the embedded sequence. For an upgrade assessment to be carried out, students must have achieved at least a Credit (65) average across all units of study attempted. If a student has attempted more than four units of study before applying to upgrade, then all results will be used to calculate the average score.

When applying for an upgrade, subjects completed at Summer School can only be considered towards a Semester 2 application, and subjects completed at Winter School can only be considered towards a Semester 1 application. So if you complete three subjects in Semester 2 plus one in Summer School you will not be eligible to apply for an upgrade in Semester 1.

Will I receive credit if I successfully upgrade?

Credit for all units completed is transferrable when you upgrade within an embedded sequence.

Should I apply to graduate if I also plan on upgrading?

If you intend to upgrade, you should contact the Student Information Office immediately to withdraw it. If your upgrade application is unsuccessful and you have met the requirements of your current degree, you will be assessed for graduation automatically.

Who can I contact if I have more questions, or need help planning my future study?

If you have any more questions about upgrading or transferring, or need help planning out the future of your degree, please contact a Student Advisor on 9351 3076 or business.student@sydney.edu.au