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Resources and Support

The University and School provide an abundance of resources and support to meet the needs of our research candidates.

  • MyUni
    MyUni is the University of Sydney Student Portal that connects students to all of the core services and information they need during their studies at the University. It brings together different 'channels" of information. A channel is a different compartment within the Portal's pages. For example, there are channels on how to use the ITS Help Desk and information about student computer services, library services, student scholarships, specialised learning centres, special information channels for international students, casual employment and student accommodation channels. The Portal allows you to personalise settings and to make changes to the layout of channels and to colour themes.

  • IT Helpdesk
      For all IT requests, problems, incidents or feedback.

  • The Learning Centre
    The Learning Centre assists students to develop the generic skills which are necessary for learning and communicating knowledge and ideas at university. The Centre is committed to helping students to achieve their academic potential throughout their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The Centre runs a series of workshops to develop Postgraduate Research skills.

  • Research Code of Conduct
    All candidates must adhere to the Research Code of Conduct policy . This policy outlines the principles of responsible research.

  • Careers Advice
    Careers advice is available from our Business School Career and Employability Office.

    The Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) is a student organisation run by students for students. It provides free academic and welfare advice, policy research, campaigns, advocacy and functions/networks.

  • Vision and values
    Since our inception, we have believed in education for all and leadership that make lives better. The same values continue to inform our policy of inclusion and underpin our long-term strategy for growth.
  • Further Services
    The University's Campus life web site contains a comprehensive list of support services provided to all University students.