Student Academic Progression


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the academic progress of students in their studies is reliably and effectively monitored, and that systems are in place to promote early detection of, and provision of support to, students who are making poor or unsatisfactory progress and are at risk of exclusion.

Stage 1

The Business School runs a report at the end of each semester to identify any students who have:

  • Received a fail, discontinued fail, or absent fail grade in more than fifty percent of the credit points for which the student was enrolled (i.e. students must pass at least 50% of the units that they are enrolled in each semester)
  • Failed to achieve an average mark of fifty or above in the award course each semester
  • Failed a mandatory unit of study or
  • Failed the same unit of study more than once

That is, students who are considered to be 'at risk' of failing to make adequate course progression.

These students are contacted via their university email address and advised to attend a "Staying on Track" information session which will cover study skills and introduce students to learning and support services, counselling services and student associations. They will also be asked to complete a self-reflective "Staying on Track" survey and meet with an Academic Adviser.

Please Note: Students who have failed the same unit of study twice will only be permitted to undertake the unit once more. If the unit is failed for a third time, further enrolment in the particular unit will not be permitted. If the failed unit is a core or compulsory unit, continuation in the program will therefore not be possible.

Stage 2

Students enrolled in a degree program of more than three years duration who appear on the report for a second time move to stage 2 of the process. Stage 2 is the same as Stage 1, and students will be asked to attend the "Staying on Track" information session, complete the survey and meet with an Academic Advisor.

Please note: Students who twice fail to complete a compulsory unit of study will automatically be asked to show good cause.

Stage 3

Please Note: Students enrolled in a program of less than 3 years duration ie most postgraduate programs, pass directly from Stage 1 to Stage 3 - there is no intervening Stage 2 process.

Students appearing for a third time on the report, that is those failing to made adequate academic progression in their studies, will be required to 'Show Good Cause' as to why they should be permitted to continue in their current studies. Students required to 'Show Good Cause' will be invited to provide in writing, with supporting documentation, any justifications or reasons why they should be allowed to continue in their studies, including detailing the circumstances that have adversely impacted on their studies and any steps taken to address these.

The Business School will consider each student's case and a decision will be made to either re-admit the student with conditions, or to exclude the student from further study. Those excluded have a further avenue of appeal to the Business School. For further information regarding appeals, please refer to the student appeals against academic decisions page.

The Business School may permit a student to show good cause more than once, and if cause is shown the student will remain at stage 3 of this policy.


Students who have not shown 'good cause' or not responded to the request to 'show good cause' by the due date, may be excluded from study in their current program for a period of 4 semesters.  Those who wish to return to study must contact the Student Administration Manager in the semester preceding the one in which they wish to recommence for information about the application process.  Please note the following:  If you are successful in gaining readmission to this award course at the end of the exclusion period, please note that credit for any study undertaken during the exclusion period will only be given with written permission of the Dean.  Normally, credit for study undertaken by a student during a period of exclusion is not given unless warranted by exceptional circumstances.


Where a student previously identified in an Academic Progression Report meets progression requirements for two consecutive semesters, they will be removed from the academic progression register.