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Leading a teaching team

  • Teaching teams - including all lecturers, associate lecturers, tutors, and possible admin support - benefit from meeting before the semester. It is valuable to share key aims, structures, content, desired learning environment, and schedules for the session ahead.
  • It is helpful to develop clear expectations of how each member of the teaching contributes to the success of the Unit of Study.
  • As a Unit of Study Coordinator, be available for your teaching team to discuss issues. Regular meetings as well as informal catch-ups help to identify issues early and deliver consistently at a high level.
  • Make sure basic tools to do the job are available to everyone in the team. These may include access to photocopiers, computers, or a safe place to leave confidential material.
  • Design feedback processes in advance to collect feedback on both Unit of Study content and delivery at various times and from various viewpoints.
  • Faculty administrative procedures change from time to time. Checking latest procedures at the start of each session can be helpful.


Students learn better when they can confidently prepare each week. It is essential to coordinate within the teaching team in order for the students to have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

Different members of the teaching team have diverse access to students and their Unit of Study experience. Communicating those experiences assists in developing and delivering an excellent learning experience.

People work better when they feel part of a team and know their input is valued.

Feedback is essential for knowing how the Unit of Study is progressing. Collecting mid-Semester feedback allows for improvements to be implemented for the cohort that has identified a need or challenge.


  • Encourage tutors to participate in the tailored professional development opportunities through the Business School Tutor Development Program.
  • Disciplines have different ways of recruiting tutors. The Discipline Executive Officer will be able to advice on the process in-place.
  • Create a sense of belonging by regularly asking team members how they are going. This can be done over the phone, email or by catching up with them.
  • Share your plans with the team and expect others to share theirs. Organising regular meetings or other ways of communicating progress throughout the Semester helps to identify any issues before they become problems.
  • Encourage different team members to work together in preparing for their part of the Unit of Study (e.g. tutors for their tutorials). This can be facilitated by organising a few 'getting ready for next week' sessions at the start of the semester.
  • Arrange to meet as a teaching team at least three times a semester - before starting, mid-way evaluation and reflecting on the semester.
  • Mid-semester feedback can be collected by asking three short questions: about what they like, don't like and how would they improve. Best response rates occur when feedback is asked at the beginning or middle of the class time rather than at the end. See quick question suggestions in the examples sheet below.

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