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Assessing learning and teaching

Assessment allows us to determine whether students achieve the learning outcomes and criteria that we set for them.

  • Assessment tells us whether students are learning what they're supposed to be learning.
  • Assessment provides students with practice applying the knowledge and using the skills that other learning and teaching activities introduce.
  • Feedback tells students whether they're learning what they should be and gives them information about how to improve.
  • A blended approach to learning and teaching can offer economical solutions for giving feedback.


Although learning is ultimately the student's responsibility, as teachers we can influence the learning that will occur by designing outcomes that set the expectations for students and the assessment that tests students' achievement of those outcomes. Making the outcomes and assessment criteria explicit ensures that students know what is expected of them. Providing effective feedback, both formative and summative, gives students the opportunity to improve how they apply their knowledge and skills.


  • Align assessments to learning outcomes to give students a consistent message about what they should be learning.
  • Online tools, such as ReView, offer criteria-based feedback that aligns with the graduate attributes