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Designing learning and teaching

Learning is more likely to occur when learning and teaching activities (including assessments) are relevant, intellectually stimulating, active and engaging, develop professional skills and are fun.


People learn when they are actively engaged.

Challenge students to question, look for and evaluate to promote learning.


  • Design activities to encourage students to take responsibility for and monitor their own learning and skill development, for example: give students the opportunity to choose their own context for an assignment; provide support resources and expect students to use them; design tasks that require students to collaborate.
  • Articulate outcomes, expectations and criteria to challenge students and increase their motivation.
  • Model the excitement of discovering and exploring real business issues.
  • Encourage regular interaction between students, between staff and students and with business or the community.
  • Recognise talents and background knowledge within the learning and teaching community of your unit or program, including students and staff.
  • Design activities and assessment that involve creativity.
  • Strategically employ a blended approach to enhance both face-to-face and learning technological/online learning experiences.