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Last lecture

The last lecture is an opportunity to both confirm learning and end on a high note.

  • Consider using the last lecture for placing the Unit of Study experience in broader context of current affairs, professional life or further studies. Highlight what students are now able to do as a result of their learning in the Unit of Study.
  • The evaluations may be best completed the week before last, when students may have a more focused mind and experience less evaluation fatigue.
  • Consider using time in the last lecture to give students guidance on preparing for any outstanding assessment tasks.
  • Plan to end with an event like a group photo, or shaking of hands with those closest to you.


Having a clear beginning and an end will define an experience and allow participants to place it in context.

Concluding a Unit of Study with a smile on everyone?s face increases the enjoyment of being in a learning institution for everyone. It also creates enthusiasm for the next Semester.

The last lecture is an opportunity to create a context for the Semester learning. Contextualised learning has a greater chance of being retained by students.


  • Ask students to re-cap with their peers what they are able to do as a result of completing the Unit of Study and share those with the class. Use the opportunity to expand on the broader context of the use of these skills.
  • Consider asking students (in small groups) to name the exam questions they think would cover the key learning outcomes of the course. Discuss what a good answer to those would contain. This will help them focus their studies. It can also give the lecturer a better insight into how the students have viewed the Unit of Study content.
  • Share your experiences with the Semester, including challenges and successes.