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About the Tutor Development Program

What are the key components of the program?

To fulfil the requirements of the Tutor Development Program and receive your Certificate of Completion, you will need to complete the following components:

  1. Face-to-face workshops: participate in two 2-hour workshops
  2. Observe to Learn: attend an experienced colleague's tutorial and complete a critical reflection
  3. Online Modules: complete three self-paced online modules (1 hour each) with a focus on key learning and teaching strategies
  4. Reflective Journal: complete a brief personal journal that documents your reflections on teaching and your response to feedback

All components of the program will be explained in detail in the first workshop in Week 1 and on the TDP Blackboard site.

Our commitment

The Business School is committed to creating outstanding learning experiences for our students. Central to this outcome is the provision of high quality professional development for tutors to further enhance their ability to create outstanding tutorial experiences for students.

What's in it for you?

Through engaging with TDP you can expect to:

  • expand and deepen your understanding of how to create and sustain high quality learning experiences for your students
  • learn about and apply new teaching strategies to enhance your students' learning experiences
  • share experiences and ideas with other tutors across various disciplines
  • broaden your knowledge and skills through peer observation and reflection

All new tutors are paid for completing the program and tutor participation is recognised with a certificate upon completion. For further information please see the Attendance and Payment Guidelines.

Who can attend?

If you are new to tutoring, or new to tutoring in the Business School, you are required to complete the full Tutor Development Program. The program involves a total of 8 hours participation across the semester. While the program is primarily designed with the needs of new tutors in mind, all teaching staff are welcome to complete components in the program that are of interest. If you are a returning tutor and would like to discuss which aspects of the program might be most suitable for you please contact Stephanie Wilson.

How to register for TDP

Registrations for TDP in Semester 2, 2015 are now closed.