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Getting started

Consultation rooms and facilities

You may be asked to schedule time to consult with your students. Please speak with your Unit Coordinator to obtain details of your responsibilities. Tutor consultation times are normally for an hour, and are booked into the five consultation rooms within the Wolstoneholme Study Centre (H04) unless your discipline has made other arrangements. The Wolstoneholme Study Centre is located within Merewether Building (H04). The Wolstoneholme Study Centre Consultation rooms, each with a desk, telephone, computer and printer, are as follows : H04 178, 178A, 179, 179A, 180, 181.

Room bookings are made via Gareth Edwards.

Availability can be checked in the University timetabling system:

  • Go to
  • Click on the "venue bookings" tab
  • Click on "availability"
  • Use the "Business School Meeting Rooms" venue domain
  • The consultation rooms are Merewether Rooms 178, 178A, 179, 179A, 180 & 181.

Consultation rooms are normally locked. At the start of your Consultation hour each week, please go to the Precinct Office (H04, room 131, near entrance to the Ground Floor on the corner City Road and Butlin Avenue) and request assistance. A precinct officer will walk with you to the room to open it. After your consultation hour, it is very important that you ensure the room is locked.

Email and Blackboard login

Email and Blackboard accounts for tutors are created after a CAMS form has been submitted from each discipline. Please speak with your Unit Coordinator about this. The CAMS (Computer Account Management System) form covers the tutor's email address, computer account login and Blackboard login. It can take up to 3 working days for the accounts to be created. Access details may then be picked up at the Business Helpdesk counter (room 118 Economics and Business Building, H69) with some form of identification (license, contract, student card).

Business Helpdesk
Ph. 935 15409
Note: the current security policy is that login details will not be given over the phone or by email.

Some Unit Coordinators will require you to work in the unit of study Blackboard site as part of your duties. In order to do this, you must have the Business School account (left), and you must be enrolled in the unit of study site itself. Your Unit Coordinator will decide what level of access you require (tutor or student). Your Unit Coordinator should arrange this (via Blackboard). If your Unit Coordinator requires assistance with this, they can contact Business eLearning.

For any Blackboard queries or an introduction to Blackboard, contact:

Business eLearning
Ph. 903 66433

Useful links

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