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The Business School and Industry

The world - and the world of business - is constantly changing. And as the world around us is changing, so is the way we're doing business.

The University of Sydney Business School is a world-class business school at the forefront of global business and management education. Relevant and focussed on today's business world, it is the only business school in Australia with combined global accreditations from AACSB, CEMS and EQUIS.

We offer fresh perspectives on business problems and inspire our students to think, challenge and create. We develop today's brightest and best talent to produce tomorrow's global business leaders.

The Business School works with industry from the outside in, and the inside out, believing that contemporary business and relevant business education are inseparable.

The Business School is committed to forging further connections with industry, both in Australia and overseas, and views those connections as strategic partnerships for industry and investments in the education of the business leaders of tomorrow.

Our Key Industry Partners

The University of Sydney Business School actively engages with industry partners, professional bodies, government and the wider community.

Strategic links with the corporate world play a crucial role in all our teaching, research and other activities. All of our degree programs, as well as our case studies, internships, workplace-based projects and other learning activities, are developed with the direct involvement of business, industry and government.

Our key industry partners include Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Electrolux, HSBC, L'Oreal, McKinsey & Company, Proctor & Gamble, PwC, SAP, Sydney University Football Club, The Smith Family and Thomson Reuters.