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Get Involved

The Business School recognises the importance of providing access for our students to the broader business community in an increasingly competitive international market for university business schools. We also recognise the crucial role that industry and corporate partners play in helping to develop our students' skills, and prepare them for the workplace.

The Business School coordinates a wide range of activities and opportunities for Australian and international business leaders and companies to be actively involved in the education and development of our students, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

By seizing these opportunities, you can forge important connections with Business School researchers and graduates, while building your business profile on campus.

The tables below offers an indication of the different avenues that are available for businesses and individuals to get involved.

Multiple avenues for support and involvement

Nature of involvement Examples of support Description

Time and expertise

Guest speakers

The Business School invites business leaders to attend the University and address the students in their area of expertise.

Skills seminars

One-day (min. half-day or max. 2-day) interactive training seminars help students develop skills relevant to management life.


The Business School encourages industry leaders and alumni to offer our students mentoring in key areas of business and career development.

Judging panel

Experienced business leaders can offer their time to assist with the judging of student business competitions.

Provision of projects

Consulting projects

The Business School invites its corporate partners to join with our students to work on real-world business issues.

Student business competitions

Business competitions, provide students with a chance to apply their studies to real-world business issues.

Industry Placement Programs

Provide in-company, short-term placements for students

The Business School Industry Placement Program is designed to take students for up to nine weeks, as part of their studies, through a competitive application process.

Financial support

A range of initiatives require ongoing financial support.

We are fortunate to benefit from ongoing corporate and individual support, with finances going towards research, scholarships, outreach activities and events that benefit both students and industry.

Graduate Recruitment

Careers events and recruitment opportunities.

The Business School Careers and Employability Office coordinates multiple careers events throughout the year.

For industry or individuals who wish to pursue other avenues of engagement with the Business School, please see the contact details in the panel to the right.

Benefits and rewards

  • Staff development through mentoring, guest speaking and involvement in our community and social enterprise projects.
  • Student brand recognition and engagement.
  • Recognition in thought-leadership.
  • Access to research outcomes.
  • Network building through the University's numerous partnerships.
  • Community development opportunities and engagement.
  • Brand exposure through close student engagement, and our numerous public profiles (website, annual reports, on campus promotion, events, and networks).
  • Involvement and influence on the education and development of our future workforce participants and entrepreneurs.