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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program

Since 2006, the E&I Program has been focused on identifying, nurturing and strengthening entrepreneurial communities of learning and practice. Our Program is one of the longest running and largest in Australia, widely recognised and respected across the region. Today, the Business School and the University continue to generously support our work, including significant contributions to our operating and program costs.

Program mission & objectives

Our E&I Program is focusing on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, with particular focus on the entrepreneurial search for value and growth through the identification and exploitation of new products, new processes and new markets.


To build and sustain a leading learning community in entrepreneurship and innovation education in Australia and its region.


1) Inspire and educate entrepreneurial leaders.

2) Develop respected and influential entrepreneurship research projects and initiatives.

3) Share and showcase entrepreneurship research and experience.

4) Encourage entrepreneurial and engaged communities of learning.

Our mission and objectives guide our strategy, with key geographies being the communities bordering The University of Sydney, the remote and rural communities of Australia, and the communities surrounding our partner institutions in South East Asia.

Research & education

In 2013, we reorganised our activities to clarify our integrated Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. This reorganisation recognised that our fundamental activities are related to research and education. This addressed two criticisms of our previous structure: firstly, that our education activities were not highlighted; and secondly, that our activities previously reported as 'ventures' are the glue holding together our research and education initiatives.

As the key words - build and sustain, inspire, develop, share and encourage - in our mission and objectives indicate, our role as an education organisation allows us to create and share value differently to other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial community.

E&I Research includes the work of our E&I Research Group (which facilitates and assists researchers though a network of scholars and institutions), associated publications, conferences and workshops, and sets out key research initiatives. Research initiatives are focused on understanding entrepreneurial activity and its impacts, as well as creating stronger entrepreneurial communities through research and education.

E&I Education includes both our award-teaching within the University, as well as the master classes we offer across Australia and Asia. We are seeking to link these teaching and learning initiatives with our research (and vice versa), and our engaged ventures are a major part of that link. These engaged ventures include Remote & Rural Enterprise (RARE) research and student projects, Genesis entrepreneurship competitions for students, and our Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia (EDNA) research and education projects.