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The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program at The University of Sydney Business School focuses on strategy, creativity and entrepreneurship as the key domains to develop appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities. As well as assembling a top team of academics and practitioners to lead the program, we have considered what and how we teach: Units of study are structured around experiential and problem-based learning with close engagement with business and entrepreneurial ventures.

Over the past 6 years we have worked with scores of entrepreneurs and businesses with students writing business plans, information memoranda and consulting reports for a variety of undertakings in the profit and not-for-profit sectors.

So, whether you would like to focus on a particular business stage (for example, start-up, growth, turnarounds) or a particular context (for example, technology, creative industries or social enterprise), our program can be structured to excite your interest and challenge you.

Engaged practice

The E&I Enterprise program fuses our teaching and research activities with a broad range of community, government, and industry engagements. The projects facilitate the entrepreneurial development of communities and students through an emphasis on collaboration, and two-way learning and development. It is the practical, hands-on approach to our projects and partnerships that ensures real, co-created outcomes are achieved, and a rich learning and knowledge sharing environment is created.

Our initiatives thrive on support from outside bodies, and student involvement. We would like to thank our supporters and participants for their assistance and enthusiasm.


Our venturous mission is to facilitate engagement between academia, industry and the broader community.

By participating in the initiation and development of entrepreneurial activity, we aim to:

  • Build collaborative relationships
  • Broaden and deepen student learning
  • Encourage and support business research
  • Strengthen businesses and their communities