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Student Led Ventures


Incubate is a start-up development program open to all students, researchers and recent alumni of the University, which launched this year. It is run from the University Student Union, and has attracted external seed funding. The program funded eight high-potential start-up projects with $5000 business grants and co-working space over the summer break, as well as mentoring from high-profile entrepreneurs. The program culminated in an on-campus demonstration day during Orientation Week in February 2013. All teams pitch their business and progress to investors, invited guests and interested students.


ENACTUS is an organisation managed under the University Union, and focuses on supporting social enterprise activities. The Sydney Chapter has enjoyed recognition and awards for their projects at each of the last three national championships.

The ENACTUS mission is "to provide tertiary students with an opportunity to make a difference in their communities and to develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills through learning, practising and teaching the tenets of their academic discipline to enable others to participate more fully and effectively in the economic and social life of the nation". As they do, they develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills to better themselves and their communities.The organisations' programs run on over 2000 campuses across 48 countries.

180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting is an international pro bono student consultancy that helps non-profit organisations to achieve a greater social impact. Teams of university students completing studies in relevant fields work with non-profits to identify and overcome specific challenges they face. Non-profits are assisted in the development of innovative, sustainable and practical solutions, while students are able to contribute to their communities, apply their university studies in a practical environment, and develop valuable life skills. The consultancy works all over the world, across 14 different countries, and three chapters in Australia.