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Get Involved

Getting involved in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program, whether teaching, research or I&E Ventures, is easy with a variety of activities and numerous avenues needing support.


Students can get involved though our various units of study on offer each semester or as a participant in one of our educational ventures.

Funders & supporters

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) Program collaborates with multiple stakeholders across government, industry, communities, not-for- profit sector, foundations, students, entrepreneurs and academics. Our diverse and expansive network contributes significant value to all participants. The quality of the Program is dependent upon support from external partners. Below are a few of the ways in which to get involved.

Potential support avenues

Nature of involvement

Examples of support


Time & Expertise

Guest speakers


Student Professional Development

1-2 Day Workshops


Research & Classrooms

Judging panel


Provision of Projects

Consulting projects for research team

Classrooms & In-business

Real-world projects for students


Research Settings & Support

Research settings for honours students


Research settings for PhD students

Research settings for the Business School

Financial Support

A range of initiatives require ongoing financial support as set out below, including; research, scholarships, outreach activities, events sponsorship etc.

In-business, On-country, and in Classrooms

Examples of financial support

This involvement can be structured in a number of ways, whether aligned to a particular unit of study, research program, outreach activity, or student-led competition.


Examples of Support



RARE: funding for three student placements in rural Australia and/or specified consulting research project
Genesis: start-up program student prizes for two of four categories

Enrolled entrepreneurship students
RARE enterprises
Genesis participants


RARE: funding for 12 student placements in rural Australia, and/or executive master classes for remote entrepreneurs
Genesis: start-up program student prizes for all four category winners including participation in international incubator
E&I: tailored workshop series as part of the Traveling Uni initiative, outreach and event support, and/or international expansion of RARE or Genesis programs

Enrolled entrepreneurship students
RARE enterprises (Indigenous and non-indigenous business owners)
Genesis participants
International academic and business partners in SE Asia
Administrative staff

50,000 +

RARE: multiple Business School researchers allocated to specified projects, 25+ student placements in rural Australia, and/or pilot of RARE international
Genesis: creation of supporting online educational videos, expansion of program into SE Asia, and/or strengthening of existing relationships with companies, think tanks, entrepreneurship and innovation platforms
E&I: ability to perform focused research on a specific rural region to understand economic opportunities, regional cooperation and integration, and their needs in the context of growth and international expansion. Further develop executive education activities and initiate a number of entrepreneurship and start-up programs with EDNA partners.

Enrolled entrepreneurship students
RARE enterprises (Indigenous and non-indigenous business owners)
Genesis participants (domestic and international)
International academic and business partners in SE Asia
SMEs located in regional Australia and the communities in which they operate
EDNA academic partners across SE Asia
Administrative staff

These involvements can be named or anonymous as required.

Benefits and rewards

  • Staff development through mentoring, guest speaking and involvement in our community and social enterprise projects
  • Student brand recognition and engagement
  • Recognition in thought-leadership
  • Access to research outcomes
  • Network building through the University's numerous partnerships
  • Community development opportunities and engagement
  • Brand exposure through close student engagement, and our numerous public profiles (website, annual reports, on campus promotion, events, networks etc.)
  • Involvement and influence on the education and development of our future workforce participants and entrepreneurs

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Remote and Rural Enterprises (RARE) Research & Education

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