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Our Team

Academic staff

Dr. Richard Seymour

Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program Director, and Co-Director EIRG

Richard SeymourRichard Seymour joined the University of Sydney in 2006. Prior to this he worked in the corporate, NGO and consulting sectors. As well as having run his own business, he has over 5 years experience advising small and medium-sized enterprises on corporate divestments, capital raisings and cross-border transactions. He also has over 10 years experience with a number of European, Asian and Australian organizations in the financial, property, and environmental sectors.

P +61 2 9036 7095

Please see the staff directory for Dr Seymour's full bio.

Professor Sid Gray

Chair of Discipline and Professor of International Business and Co-Director EIRG

Sid GrayProfessor Sid Gray is Professor of International Business and Chair of the Discipline of International Business at the University of Sydney Business School. He is also Co-Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Group. He served as Head of the University's School of Business from 2003-2006 and Associate Dean (International) of the Faculty of Economics and Business from 2006-2008. Prior to joining Sydney University in 2003 he was Associate Dean (Postgraduate) and the Foundation Professor of International Business in the Faculty of Commerce and Economics at the University of New South Wales (1997-2003).

P +61 2 9351 3552

Please see the staff directory for Prof. Gray's full bio.

Dr. Massimo Garbuio


Massimo GarbuioDr Massimo Garbuio is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at The University of Sydney. He holds a PhD from the University of Western Australia. Previously, he was a consultant in the area of regulatory economics and competition policy.

Massimo joined the University of Sydney in 2009. He teaches entrepreneurship, business growth and innovation. His research interests are in the area of strategic decision-making, with particular focus on the psychological aspects of strategic decisions and the management of innovation.

P +61 2 9036 5046

Please see the staff directory for Dr Garbuio's full bio.

Jarrod Ormiston

Research Assistant; Sessional Lecturer

Jarrod OrmistonJarrod is a researcher and sessional lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School. He is course coordinator of Social Entrepreneurship in the Master of Commerce and co-lectures on social entrepreneurship in the Master of Sustainability in the Faculty of Science.

Jarrod has worked on multiple research projects within the Business School since 2006 including AusAid, Australian Research Council and Australian Learning and Teaching Council grants and is currently completing a PhD exploring the role of impact assessment in social entrepreneurship and social investment.


Please see the staff directory for Mr Ormiston's full bio.

Professional staff

Cayetana Martinez

Sydney Genesis

Cayetana Martinez Prior to joining the university in 2012, Cayetana developed her career supporting profit and non-profit entrepreneurs to develop their projects in a sustainable way.

She also founded diverse associations to educate entrepreneurs with lean and innovative methodologies. In her current role, Cayetana works to develop educational programs for entrepreneurs in Remote Australia and Asia and to grow the Genesis Entrepreneurship Program.

Cayetana holds a BA in Philosophy an MA in Cultural Management and an MA in Philosophy of History.

P +61 2 9036 9252

Melanie Feeney

Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE)

Melanie Feeney Melanie runs the Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE) Program, completing action research projects focusing on regional development and Indigenous entrepreneurship. She joined the University of Sydney's Entrepreneurship & Innovation program in 2013 and has since been supporting community development and capacity building programs and the Strategic Frame research and consulting activities.

Melanie has assisted and supported a number of rural and remote enterprises with the exploration of economic and social development opportunities through a variety of land use activities, including carbon sequestration, wind, solar and biofuels.

P 02 9036 9169

Alexandra Iljadica

RARE Research Coordinator

Alexandra Iliadica Alexandra is currently leading the development and delivery of an entrepreneurship-in-action research and knowledge sharing agenda. She works across various E&I projects to transmit entrepreneurship research while encouraging engaged entrepreneurial communities of learning.

Alongside her work at the university, Alexandra directs a non-profit organisation. Having traversed both the academic and non-profit sectors, she is keen to increase the understanding and value for research beyond the academic sphere.

Alexandra holds a Masters of Public Health from the University of NSW and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Wollongong.

P 02 9036 9169

Bronte Moran

Administration and EDNA Outreach

Bronte MoranBronte joined the Discipline of International Business in 2007. As well as supervising the administrative team, she is responsible for managing all administrative duties within the Discipline, supporting the academic staff in teaching and research, implementing Discipline strategic initiatives, and reviewing and updating Discipline policies and procedures. Moran also co-ordinates workshops for local and international delegations for the Discipline, as part of EDNA and with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation team, and supports the RARE program administration.

As well as having over 15 years of administrative experience both in Australia and the UK, Moran has a background in Naturopathy and Complementary Medicine and interests include sustainability and the creative industries.