At the University of Sydney Business School, we do things differently. We help our clients become open to lateral suggestion - a phrase coined by one of our Executive Education team, Professor Richard Hall. That is, we help executives draw upon ideas, solutions, experience and insights beyond their regular world. We believe leaders need to develop the ability to obtain "outsights" and our innovative, client-focused programs focus on a very different way of thinking.

We have run Executive Education Programs for businesses in a wide range of industries including international banking, wealth management and even thoroughbred breeding.

The modules which make up the innovative Global Executive MBA at the University of Sydney Business School are also offered as Executive Education programs for talented professionals seeking to enhance their leadership potential. See below a list of the modules that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

Program Structure

Every program we offer is designed to meet the needs of individual organisations. Read more about three of our most recent programs we developed and delivered to get a taste for how we can help your organisation.

ABN Amro

We presented a one day executive education program in wealth management for the Investment Services Division of ABN Amro (India) for a group of 50 high performing executives. These executives each had 4-5 years experience, with some having completed an MBA. The objectives of the program were to:

  1. Be exposed to the latest trends and developments in key areas of wealth management
  2. Gain a better understanding of the wealth management sector in Australia

Topics covered were: Risk Tolerance Measurement, Venture Capital and Private Equity & Hedge Funds.

One of the highlights of the program was a special guest speaker from Deloitte (Michael Monaghan, Partner) who we arranged to speak about the wealth management industry in Australia.

Darley Flying Start

The Executive Education team ran a 5-day "Flying Start" Leadership Program at the University of Sydney and Aberdeen Hunter Valley.

Darley Flying Start is a two-year, full-time management training program for the thoroughbred industry which takes place in Ireland, Australia, the USA and Dubai. Broadly speaking this program covers horse management, business management, the industry itself, and includes site visits and work placements. Participants learn about finance, human resource management, information technology, legal/insurance, marketing/advertising, enterprise development, personal the thoroughbred industry and personal development including leadership.


Citigroup holds an annual one day leadership seminar for newly appointed Managing Directors. We designed and developed Citigroup's 2010 Asia program titled "What can Aristotle teach us about Leadership?" for approximately 60 participants in Hong Kong.

As the title suggests, the program looks at the key to effective leadership through the eyes of Aristotle. According to Aristotle, in order to achieve excellence in any field of endeavour, neither techné nor episteme are in themselves sufficient - leaders need the practical wisdom that comes with learning from experience to know how, why and when to deploy various techniques and apply particular knowledge (Grint 2007).