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Executive Education Metamorphosis

Executive Education

We believe business schools have a crucial role to play in the development of future leaders, and in equipping organisations with the capabilities they need to meet the demands of today’s business world.

In an age of global mobility, disruption and rapid technological advancement, traditional off-the-shelf development programs won’t give organisations what they need.

Our approach to Executive Education is based on creating transformative experiences – providing customised and sustainable learning environments where clients co-produce with us to create lasting improvements in individual and organisational capability.

We work with organisations to tailor executive education programs which focus on practical leadership and bring a multi-disciplinary perspective to real world challenges, addressing the needs of your organisation to reach your desired outcomes.

Our philosophy

Our programs are built around a process of co-creation, through co-discovery, co-design and co-delivery:

Co-discovery – a multi-step dialogue to identity organisational needs and challenges.

Co-design – a process of working with our clients to ensure learning modes fit learning style, involving:

  • prototyping a program design,
  • running pilots with very clear outcomes, and
  • working together to refine the program.

Co-delivery – through a method of flexible delivery, we invite our clients to deliver with us, where possible. This enhances the relevance of the program, as well as building capability within your organisation.

The hallmark of our approach is that it is:

  • Experiential
  • Relevant
  • Rigorous

“From my experiences and exposure of programs run by the Business School, what they are doing in the executive space has been very innovative, involving a range of rich content which aids the development of executives. The Metamorphosis program helped me to define my career history, define where I am now, and articulate and form a narrative around where I want to go in the future. It was an excellent, innovative and thought provoking experience."

Brian Bissaker
Non-Executive Director, MetLife Insurance Limited, MyState Limited
Adjunct Professor, The University of Sydney Business School (Metamorphosis ’15)