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Executive Education Metamorphosis, 25-29 Nov

For individuals

Our established programs incorporate innovative approaches to leadership and solving the complex problems that individuals and organisations face.

Contact us today to discuss an upcoming program, including custom-designed programs for companies who are looking to enhance the leadership capabilities of their teams.

Upcoming programs


Five days of unique curated experiences designed to deepen insight, challenge your sense of self, the roles and identities that have defined you and your sense of purpose.

This program is designed to give you the space to contemplate the next stage of your professional and leadership journey and provide you with tools and a framework to help you put some structure around that process.

  • Day 1: ‘A curated walk through the art’Museum of Old & New Art
    How we find and create meaning when confronted with something that doesn't fit our world view.
  • Day 2: ‘A walk in the woods – meditative practice’
    Mindfulness, self-awareness, getting comfortable with silence.
  • Day 3: ‘History & mythology in the Australian psyche’Port Arthur Historic Site
    How does history shape us? How does it hold us back? How can we use our history positively to shape our future?
  • Day 4: ‘Utilise the senses (other than sight)’Agrarian Kitchen
    Learn the value of patience, fermentation and experimentation. Learn what sustains you.
  • Day 5: ‘(Re)design your… Life/career/community’
    Use the business model You/Canvas to begin the journey of the next phase.


Robin Stonecash

Associate Professor Robin Stonecash
Director, Executive Education & Executive MBA

Robin has spent the last 20 years working with individuals from a variety of organisations to improve their leadership capabilities. Her expertise is in diagnosing the challenges that organisations face and designing development programs that build the capabilities individuals need to meet those challenges.

“I love teaching and helping others learn. I love the lightbulb moments. I love helping someone do something they thought they couldn’t do. I love helping organisations solve problems. Being able to work with organisations to transform their leadership is indeed a privilege.”

Jane Lowther

Jane Lowther
Director, Lowther Consulting

Jane is Director of Lowther Consulting, a company that works at the individual, team, large group and organisational level to help leaders anticipate and respond effectively to the challenges thrown up by complex, dynamic and ever changing environments. Jane has worked across a range of industries in recent years specialising in leadership and team development. She currently works as Co–Module Leader of the EMBA program at the University of Sydney and as a coach in a range of leadership programs at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. Jane works with clients to develop their capacity to operate more effectively in current roles and to move into more senior roles. She particularly enjoys working with individuals facing significant transitions, perhaps where current roles have lost their power to engage and inspire and where they are looking for new challenges, new directions and new ways to find purpose and meaning in their lives.

Participant stories

“I’m always looking for opportunities to reflect on where I’m at in my career, and this looked like a unique program that would give me more insights into my journey and career path. The experience brought me back into a good balance of sense of self and what I’m contributing, and where my future lies. It provides a great opportunity for people wondering what they should be doing, what they could be doing better or what they should do next and how to make the most of the next step. This questioning is a natural part of human life and this program really fills a need.”

Mark Fraser LVO OAM
Official Secretary to the Governor-General;
Chief Executive of Make A Mark Australia (EMBA ’13, Metamorphosis ’15)

“Metamorphosis was an incredible opportunity to take time and space and spend time thinking about 'what comes next.' Surrounded by beautiful places, creativity and the inspiring and engaging people who were in our cohort, I learnt so much. What has followed has been a year of enormous and positive change for me. I have reflected and thought often of that time, things said and discussed. I was challenged to think differently about my purpose and value and to apply new tools and thinking to my working life. I am changed for it.”

Annette Cairnduff
Director, Annette Cairnduff Consulting
Partnerships Advisor, Foundation for Young Australians (Metamorphosis ’15)