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For organisations

Our programs are driven by relevance, immediate outcomes and targeted content. We understand that most business challenges are multi-dimensional, and thus our executive education takes a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing on expertise from across the Business School and wider University.

In the process of co-discovery and co-design, our Program Director will work with you to identity the needs of your organisation, capability building areas and desired outcomes in order to tailor the program to match your requirements.

Subject matter experts will deliver the program through a variety of interactive and experiential learning methods. Our range of hands-on activities ensure that our programs provide meaningful, lasting and transformative outcomes.

Our methods include:

  • Project work
  • Group work
  • Coaching
  • Online learning
  • Fieldwork
  • Expert and guest speaker lectures
  • Webinars
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Individual work
  • Role-plays
  • Real-plays
  • Jazz improvisation workshops
  • Art experiences
  • Masterchef cooking classes
  • Military simulations

By partnering with the Business School, you will gain access to:

  • an alternative approach to executive development that is based on the principles of co-creation: co-discovery, co-design & co-delivery
  • experiential learning that is relevant
  • research, innovation, thought leadership
  • blended learning principles
  • real business problems, using an integrative approach.