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CFA Program Partner Awareness Scholarships

The Finance Discipline has ten CFA Awareness Scholarships available to be awarded each year. These scholarships reduce the enrolment and examination fee payable to the CFA. Students can take CFA examinations either in December, or in June, each year. Five scholarships will normally be awarded for the June examinations and five for the December examinations. The application dates for the scholarships differ depending on whether you are planning to take the June or December examinations.

Students taking the finance major in the BCom, or the finance specialisation in the MCom, may apply for the scholarships. In order to be eligible for the scholarship you must either already hold a bachelor degree, or be in the last year of your bachelor degree. You should also have a distinction average mark (75). However, in the event that the number of applicants is five or less for either exam we will consider applications down to an average mark of 70.

Details of the CFA scholarship scheme, an application form and the entrance requirements to the CFA program can be found on the CFA website. To obtain details of the scholarships look under the Programs heading on the CFA website.

Submission requirements and deadlines

The dates by which the CFA require scholarship applications to be submitted can be found on the CFA web-site. Usually this is early in the year for the June examinations and just after mid-year for the December examinations. The Finance Discipline has to select the successful applicants and the application forms have to be signed by the Finance Discipline’s CFA program Director before they are submitted to the CFA. You therefore need to submit your CFA scholarship application in person to the Finance Discipline Office no EARLIER than eight weeks before the closing date and no LATER than two weeks before the closing date.

When submitting your CFA application form to the Finance Discipline you should attach your academic transcript and a coversheet which contains the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Contact Telephone number
  • Student ID Number
  • Degree program
  • Expected completion date for your degree

Applications will be assessed on the basis of academic merit.