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Postgraduate Coursework Studies

Special Course Offerings

FINC6101 Special Topics in Finance

The University of Sydney Business School is pleased to announce that a new UoS will be available for this year only (2015), and invites you to consider enrolling as part of your degree program.

The unit will cover Securitization and Structured Financial Products and will be delivered by Professor Daniel Quan.

Professor Quan is a Chair Professor at Cornell University and is the Academic Director of Cornell's Center for Real Estate and Finance. Prior to joining Cornell, Professor Quan was the chief mortgage economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C.

This UoS offering has only recently been arranged, so it does not appear in the handbooks.

If you would like to enrol in this UoS, you will need to obtain permission from the School by applying online for departmental permission through your Sydney Student portal under MyUni.

If you have any administrative questions on this UoS, then please contact Rik Hulster in the first instance.

If you have any academic questions about the course then please contact Associate Professor Jamie Alcock.


  • Banking (Master of Commerce and combined Master of Commerce programs)
    The Banking specialisation offers the highest standard of qualifications in the theory and application governing contemporary financial institutions. It includes a detailed examination of the workings of banks and related deposit-taking financial intermediaries in the context of the banking system in particular and the financial system generally. The core units equip students with an in-depth understanding of the structures and functioning of financial institutions, and issues related to banking in a contemporary, globalised economy. As well as providing the necessary knowledge of bank management, risk management and risk assessment, the Banking specialisation offers intermediate corporate finance, equipping graduates with a well-rounded qualification that is modern, in-depth and competitive.

  • Finance (Master of Commerce and combined Master of Commerce programs)
    Core units in areas such as corporate finance and financial strategy provide a rich set of insights into financial, competitive and corporate strategies for enhancing cash-flow. The course ensures that graduates are well armed with an understanding of the foundations of strategy, which come from the 'Game Theory'. The focus is towards an understanding of the complexities of modern risk management as well as the fundamentals and technical tools for all aspects of finance in a global setting. The core units cover broking and market making, advanced asset pricing, portfolio theory and applications, derivatives securities, international business finance, fixed interest securities and financial statement analysis, as well as the applications of high level financial theory to understanding mergers and acquisitions and the international market.

  • Financial Economics (Master of Economics)

  • Quantitative Finance (Master of Commerce and combined Master of Commerce programs)


Timetables for all Finance units of study are available on the University of Sydney Business School timetable pages.