Christine Bishop - EMBA 2010

Career Overview

I am a senior marketing executive with more than 17 years of marketing and channel management experience in a range of local and regional roles within the ICT industry. I specialize in Consulting to organizations on Business & Marketing Strategy in both B2B & B2C, with a special focus on developing personal and professional brands using Social Media.

Why did you decide to do the EMBA?

To be challenged. After 15 years in the work force in a range of people management and individual contributor roles, I had skills and experience. However I was also feeling stagnant and wanted to test my professional and personal ability in a new environment. By exposing myself to new management techniques in different surroundings, I hoped to be able to challenge my own strategic thinking and gain a better understanding from being exposed to the "bigger picture".

What was the most fulfilling part of the EMBA program?

Definitely the exposure to all the different people and organisations we consulted for, as well as the ability to learn from my cohort classmates and their experiences.

In each module there were professional executives and experts from a wide range of professions - Politics, NGO's, Family-run businesses, the Military, Large Enterprise - who in conjunction with the module leaders all enabled me to gain a different perspective on the world.

How did the EMBA change you - both professionally and personally?

I grew immensely both personally and professionally and was amazed at how much I learned in the first module alone. The exposure to contrasting leadership styles and approaches across the different professions, and the experience of learning overseas, made me question all my professional experience to date. It changed my view on leadership and management in business, the way I look at the world and the way I want to lead going forward.

Tell us about your EMBA experience

"It is one of the best experiences I've ever had - seriously,"

One of the outcomes I most value is the network I have been able to develop both here and internationally. My cohort colleagues came from a culturally and professionally diverse background and the added bonus of undertaking 3 modules overseas - has added an international dimension to my personal growth and career. I have been able to form life-long friendships with unique people from around the globe - and that is a network I know will stay with me long after I have completed the course.

How did you achieve work/study/life balance whilst undertaking the EMBA?

It was tough at times but the structure of the course in 2 week modules was fantastic as it enabled the Cohort to optimise their time together and get as much of a clean break from outside commitments as possible. Time management was of the essence but we were all very committed and supportive of each other and that was also a powerful learning experience. I also found the course structure useful from the perspective that we could walk away from each module and go back to work with applicable skills and knowledge to put into practice.

Since completing the EMBA what are you most looking forward to in your career?

Since completing the EMBA - I am most enjoying putting into practice everything that I learned and continuing to improve. I feel the timeI spent studying for the EMBA is really the beginning of the next stage of my career - and that the real benefits of the program will be over time as I apply my new found skills and tap into my newly developed global networks which I see as such an important part of my career success in the future.

Greatest challenge of your career to date?

My greatest challenge to date has been achieving a work/life balance in today's workforce environment. As a mother of 2 young children - I have tried to balance the needs of my family and children with my need for professional stimulation & personal growth. As my children are growing older - I am realising they actually need me more both as a role model and a friend as well as a mother. I try to lead by example, share my passion for my career and teach them how they can also make a difference and can reach for their dreams.