Damon Rees - EMBA 2010

Career overview

Macquarie Bank, Westpac Banking Corporation and then Woolworths Limited, mostly in technology management and leadership roles.

Why did you decide to do the EMBA?

I enrolled in the Global EMBA program to broaden my perspective beyond financial services & technology and to gain greater international experience.

What was the most fulfilling part of the EMBA program?

For me, it was the sense of personal development and growth throughout the entire program that made the EMBA so fulfilling. Each module delivered valuable (and often unexpected) insights and learnings that I couldn't have gained through self-learning or a traditional MBA program. Spending 10 weeks in such an intense environment also guarantees a new set of lifelong friends by the end of the program. How did the EMBA change you - both professionally and personally?

How did the GEMBA change you - both professionally and personally?

The Global EMBA program has provided me with a much broader perspective of alternate industries, geographies, professions and concepts. It also provided a safe and unique environment to experiment in different ways of approaching complex business problems.

Tell us about your EMBA experience

In a word, wonderful.

How did you achieve work/study/life balance whilst undertaking the EMBA?

I made a very conscious decision to step out of work (and family) for the modules rather than attempt to juggle all three. Switch off the work phone and be present to truly get the most from the program.

Since completing the EMBA what are you most looking forward to in your career?

The EMBA reignited my belief in what I can achieve and my passion& commitment to do so. I am looking forward to putting the new skills I have developed towards increasing my responsibilities in the workplace beyond the field of technology.

Greatest challenge of your career to date?

My very first leadership role establishing the online development group for Westpac Institutional Bank in the dot com boom. We achieved incredible things with passion, drive and a great team but if only the EMBA had been around back then.