Nick Linnett - EMBA 2010

Career Overview

Director of Strategy - Mulawa Group Transport, Hospitality and Gambling Group General Manager Human Resources - Federal Group Hospitality and Gambling Senior Manager Human Resources - Telstra Telecommunications Program Manager - ANZ Banking Group General Manager Human Resources - Tabcorp Public Gambling & Casinos

Why did you decide to do the EMBA?

The EMBA provided an opportunity to undertake formal study and through real world application apply this learning in very different environments. It also provided a fantastic opportunity to work with a diverse range of senior executives. It was very different to other EMBAs and that???s what I wanted.

What was the most fulfilling part of the EMBA program?

The overall program was the highlight and for me it was the personal and professional interactions over the 18 months as well as having access to some of the best academic and business minds around the globe. Having the opportunity to study at IIMB in Bangalore and Stanford was a real privilege

How did the EMBA change you - both professionally and personally?

I have a much broader appreciation for difference of opinion and perspective that I had prior to the EMBA. The realisation that I came to is that it is this difference that actually makes the world we live amazing and something worth embracing.

Tell us about your EMBA experience

The EMBA for me pushed me personally and professionally and stretched me well and truly out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately I think that we get comfortable…

How did you achieve work/study/life balance whilst undertaking the EMBA?

Immersing yourself in the program is critical; you can't try and be in two places. Making the most from the experience that you have the opportunity to have is the way to get the most personally and professional. Creating blocks of time for projects and for reflection outside the program was the way I found to get through.

Since completing the EMBA what are you most looking forward to in your career?

Sharing the learning and my experience with people in my life

Greatest challenge of your career to date?

Being able to listen…