Turning Around Mature Businesses

Managing corporate renewal and turning around a business, is the focus of the final module which provides you with the skills to diagnose performance bottlenecks and prescribe remedial solutions for businesses competing in mature industries. Set in the French wine growing region of Languedoc in the south of France, this module analyses the classic wine growing industry, which after centuries of dominance, is losing market share and is in need of renewal.

The tradition bound Languedoc, one of the oldest vineyard regions in the world, presents a complex challenge, and you will be tasked with developing a turnaround strategy for a wine-related business in the region as part of a team project. The first three days are spent in London focusing on the demand side of the market. You will visit buyers and retailers of wine and explore the business decline. You will then travel to Languedoc to examine the supply market, visit wine producers, distributors and sellers and attend briefings on the local wine industry.

Seminars on the analysis of industries and customers, corporate renewal, and the future of management and the French wine industry, will be presented. Meanwhile, you will continue to work on team projects, which are then presented to host firms at the conclusion of the module.