Alumni network

By participating in the Global Executive MBA you will become part of a powerful network of over 25,000 alumni living in Australia and in over 100 countries. The University of Sydney Business School is extremely proud of its graduates, many of which have become leaders in their chosen fields and are genuinely committed to establishing contact and staying connected. In recent years the alumni outreach program has gained momentum with the launch of a quarterly magazine, Sydney Business Connect and a number of events, which offer alumni an opportunity to engage with and reap the benefits of connecting.

  • Learn in the global marketplace: A hands-on approach based on real experiences spanning four continents. Take a fresh look using a broad set of global perspectives.
  • Complete real projects: Tackle the same problems as a CEO. Complete a high level strategic project over 18 months where you navigate the complexities of practical leadership.
  • Diverse world-class curriculum led by thought leaders: Stretch your cognitive abilities using business, military, political, philosophical, ethical, drama and musical perspectives. Cultivate your own leadership style.
  • Built with and for business: Program developed in collaboration with cutting-edge global businesses. Designed for busy executives, 5 x 2 week face-to-face modules. Emerge with the resources to make a difference.
  • Alumni network: Be a part of your Global EMBA cohort network, wherever you are in the world. Together, discover the future of leadership.