Learn in the global marketplace

Based on real experiences spanning four continents this hands-on program takes a fresh look at business from a global perspective. Where other management education programs teach you about globalisation, our Global Executive MBA offers you first hand experience and exposure to a wide range of business challenges that could take years to gain through the natural course of your professional career. You will be placed in high-pressure environments and solve real problems for international clients around the world. You will build trust, develop strategies and sell your completed project to your host company. You will adjust to local conditions, from India's rapidly developing and vibrant economy, to the fast pace of Silicon Valley and the proud traditions of France.

Sydney, Australia

The gateway to Australia, Sydney is renowned as a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, combining excellent business and education facilities with great leisure. Australia's oldest and largest city is set on one of the world's most stunning harbours, fringed by easy-to-reach, sandy beaches and was voted "world's best city" by readers of US travel magazines Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler. The city has a sunny, moderate climate, a multicultural dining scene and a dynamic arts and cultural scene. It is the financial hub for Australia and one of the world's most economically resilient, politically stable and globally competitive business locations.

Bangalore, India

The youthful energy and imagination of the Bangalore  "ITocracy" fuels a progressive dining, entertainment and shopping scene - one of the best in India. An IT boom town, Bangalore is the capital of the Karnataka state, located on the Deccan Plateau. The third most populous city in India, this large and ever-growing metropolis is home to some of the most well recognised colleges and research institutions in India. With numerous public sector heavy industries, software companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defence organisations located here, Bangalore is well-deserving of its moniker the, Silicon Valley of India.

Silicon Valley, USA

The Silicon Valley lies in the south of California's San Francisco Bay. The area underwent explosive growth with the creation of the high-tech industry in the 1960s, and remains the leading high-tech hub of the US, due to its large number of engineers and venture capitalists. Much of the area is overtaken with urban development, but the charm of the nearby Santa Cruz mountains and the tourist attractions of the Palo Alto district and museums of San Jose are ideal for downtime.

The Languedoc, France

The Languedoc region is steeped in history. Located in the central region of the south of France, it stretches from the Rhone Valley in the east, to the Spanish border in the southwest. The thriving modern capital city Montpellier is home to an attractive historic centre. Of course, the main attraction of the region is the wine industry - this is the land of the robust red, a traditional area that is one of the oldest vineyard regions in the world. Vibrant, sun baked - beaches and historical villages abound in this beautiful area.

London, United Kingdom

London has been a beacon for people around the world for centuries, seamlessly absorbing their colourful influences while remaining quintessentially British. London's foundations were laid almost 1000 years ago and immigrants, who are the city's lifeblood, continue to be attracted to the city. London offers an irresistible sense of energy and dynamism, set against a backdrop that blends political, cultural and architectural tradition, in a location that is the ideal centre point for any European exploration.

  • Learn in the global marketplace: A hands-on approach based on real experiences spanning four continents. Take a fresh look using a broad set of global perspectives.
  • Complete real projects: Tackle the same problems as a CEO. Complete a high level strategic project over 18 months where you navigate the complexities of practical leadership.
  • Diverse world-class curriculum led by thought leaders: Stretch your cognitive abilities using business, military, political, philosophical, ethical, drama and musical perspectives. Cultivate your own leadership style.
  • Built with and for business: Program developed in collaboration with cutting-edge global businesses. Designed for busy executives, 5 x 2 week face-to-face modules. Emerge with the resources to make a difference.
  • Alumni network: Be a part of your Global EMBA cohort network, wherever you are in the world. Together, discover the future of leadership.