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Ang Shi

Ang Shi

BCom MLSCM Sydney
MPhil Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Ang Shi is an MPhil candidate in the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, the University of Sydney. His research is related to the competitive behaviour between low-cost carriers and full-service carriers in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Ang Shi joined ITLS in 2015 as a Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management student, before that he completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree in economics and finance from the University of Sydney. Ang Shi holds strong interests in quantitative modelling and network optimization, and he is particularly interested in assessing the development and future outlook of low-cost carriers in Southeast Asia. His research with ITLS will be supervised by primary supervisor Xiaowen Fu and associate supervisor Rico Merkert.

Thesis working title

The impacts of low-cost carriers on market dynamics and its implications on air transport policies for the ASEAN airline industry / aviation sector

Supervisors: Xiaowen Fu, Rico Merkert