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Carlos Vazquez

Carlos Vazquez

BBA Iberoamericana; MIP Melbourne
MPhil Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Carlos has over 13 years of working experience in strategy, management, marketing, and particularly innovation areas. He is a now a full time research student, and scholarship recipient at the University of Sydney Business School, where he is conducting his research under the Discipline of International Business, and tutors for both undergraduate, and postgraduate students. He loves to cook, and to explore new wine labels from Australia and the world.

Thesis working title

Phenomenology of innovation

Carlos' research aims at exploring the role of cognition in innovation, particularly the role of cognitive schemas such as framing, and problem solving tools (i.e. heuristics) for innovation. He wants to understand in which stage of the innovation journey framing is happening, and is more evident, and which the dominant heuristic is in that stage. This is a phenomenological inquiry into individual experiences in innovation from diverse technological ecosystems.

Supervisors: Catherine Welch, Betina Szkudlarek