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Eun Su (Jeannie) Lee

Eun Su (Jeannie) Lee

BCom (Hons I) Sydney
PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Eun Su (Jeannie) Lee is a PhD candidate in the discipline of International Business. Prior to her candidature, she worked in human resources management and corporate management for Australian companies in the mining and construction industries. Her research interest areas include: Organizational Strategy and Management, and International Human Resource Management.

Thesis working title

Strategies of Social Enterprises

Eun Su (Jeannie) Lee’s PhD thesis is on strategies of social enterprises in scaling-up.

Supervisors: Betina Szkudlarek, Catherine Welch


Conference Paper/s

Lee ESu 2016 'Factors effecting Absorptive Capacity of a Parent in Reverse Knowledge Transfer Processes: Subsidiary Age, Degree of Ownership and Ratio of Human Capitals', APJM Paper Development Workshop & Asia Academy of Management Regional Symposium, Perth, Australia, 27th August 2016