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Fannie Couture

Fannie Couture

BSW McG; M.Sc HEC Montreal
PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Fannie Couture is a PhD candidate in the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School. After 7 years as a non-profit project manager, she decided to do a master’s degree in business strategy at HEC Montreal, Canada. While completing this degree she decided to pursue an academic career. Fannie moved to Sydney in March 2017 after being awarded the Business School Research Scholarship. Her research interests revolve around inter-organizational relationships, paradox and institutional theory.

Thesis working title

Inter-organizational dynamics; The case of trade associations

Considered by some scholars as "unagentic" and "boring", trade associations have suffered from an apparent lack of interest in the academic realm. Although almost every firm in the world is a member of at least one trade association, little is known about these ubiquitous meta-organizations. Furthermore, existing research on trade associations has focused on analyzing ex-ante (how and why trade associations are created?) or ex-post (what influence do they have?) phenomenon. Few studies have looked at "just how trade associations work". In order to address this gap, this thesis analyzes an international trade association and will shed light on the way these organizations operate.

Supervisors: Jane Lê, David Oliver


Journal Article/s

Cloutier C and Couture F 2017 'Growing Pains at Santropol Roulant', The International Journal of Case Studies in Management, vol.15:3 [Link]

Conference Paper/s

Cloutier C and Couture F 2017 'Social-Symbolic Work of Meta-Organizations and the Transformation of Institutional Fields', Paper presented at the 9th International Process Symposium (PROS) 2017, Kos, Greece, 24th June 2017