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Gordon Perchthold

Gordon Perchthold

B.Comm Tor; MBA UWO
PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


As an Australian-Canadian, Gordon has been a strategy and transformation consultant to over 40 multinationals headquartered in Australia, Europe, North America, and South Africa. He has lived and worked in countries throughout Asia since 1998. The integration of practical relevance with academic rigour, situated in Asia, is leading to new contributions to academic theory in the International Business discipline.

Thesis working title

Western Financial Services Multinationals Differential Pathways to Commitment to Internationalisation in Asia: The Impact of Administrative Structures on Reverse Knowledge Transfer and Absorptive Capacity

Regionalisation Theory shows that multinationals (MNCs) are pervasively home region oriented. With the Asia region accounting for 33% of global GDP today, projected to increase beyond 50% by 2050, the conundrum for today’s large Western MNCs is that unless they can generate a greater proportion of their revenue and profits from Asia they potentially will encounter relative decline in the global landscape.

This thesis uses a critical realist epistemology to investigate the mechanisms within Western FSI MNCs that initiate then either sustain commitment or lead to de-commitment to internationalisation towards Asia. Qualitative research involved 86 Chairpersons and CEOs at the corporate office, Asia regional office, and country subsidiary levels. Their experiences within 32 Western FSI MNCs allowed 12 case studies to emerge based on quantity and quality of data from interviews, annual reports, and published corporate histories since date of incorporation. The findings introduce an operating model that enhances the robustness and extends Internationalisation Theory particularly in terms of reverse experiential knowledge transfer, characterisation of risk, and sustained commitment.

Supervisor: Sid Gray