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Jarryd Daymond

Jarryd Daymond

BCom (Hons) LLB (Hons) Macquarie; MIB MIR Macquarie; MRes Macquarie
PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Jarryd is a PhD student and research assistant in Work and Organisational Studies at The University of Sydney Business School, and a Research Associate of wheretofromhere? consulting. He is a Strategy Research Foundation Dissertation Scholar of the Strategic Management Society and is also a recipient of the Business School Research Scholarship.

His research examines discourse, strategy practices in organisations and collaborative work across boundaries, which are areas he first became interested in while consulting on immersive workshop processes. He has a particular interest in how multimodal materiality enables, constrains and links strategy work.

Jarryd has worked with financial services and international consulting firms on designed collaborations, and worked as a university planning and quality assurance manager. He is interested in leadership and entrepreneurship, having produced events targeting entrepreneurs, facilitated leadership workshops for students, initiated the introduction of an entrepreneurship degree major and managed start-up programmes.

Jarryd is a podcaster with popular management podcast, Talking About Organizations, a weekly conversation about management and organisation studies. He has a passion for qualitative research methods including video ethnography. His Master of Research thesis from Macquarie University explored the design and delivery of cross-sector collaborations.

Thesis working title

The multimodality of strategy work: How practices of materiality and discourse combine in the strategy process

This research adopts a multimodal lens to explore how materiality and discourse combine in the strategy process. Multimodality recognises and embraces the semiocity of strategy work and therefore can provide insight into the strategy-materiality nexus by demonstrating how different modes of materiality combine in strategy work. This research continues the tradition of integrating discursive scholarship with the theoretical domain of sociomateriality. The approach addresses the underlying problem of how actors discursively use and react to strategy materials such that they facilitate group sensemaking and discourse-crafting organisational activities.

Supervisors: Eric Knight, Jane Lê


Journal Article/s

Daymond J and Rooney D 2017 Forthcoming 'Voice in a supra-organisational and shared-power world: challenges for voice in cross-sector collaboration', International Journal of Human Resource Management [Link]


Conference Proceeding/s

Gray D and Daymond J 2010 'The influence of student engagement levels on satisfaction and behavioural intentions', Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Annual Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1st December 2010